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Welcome to Wired Up Jewels! 

Soutache pendant with glass beads

Soutache pendant with glass beads

My name is Karen.  I started wire work by decorating utensils, like cheese spreaders and pie servers with wire and glass beads.  My mother loved these and so did my friends.  I still decorate utensils when I have time, and I love to use them when I host parties.   

I graduated to making jewelry with semi-precious beads and wire, and then to wire wrapping pendants, and then to soutache jewelry.  Making jewelry for gifts and donations has been a spare time activity and is a wonderful break from my day job.   

I hope you enjoy the items to see here!  



100% Handmade

The items you see on this website are all handmade.  Supplies come from lots of places including some rocks which came from the North Carolina beaches!    

Every item is one of a kind - no two are exactly alike.  If you are interested in something custom, contact us to ask for a quote.  


Sardonyx stone wrapped on woven silver wire

Sardonyx stone wrapped on woven silver wire

Custom pendant made from a sardonyx stone  - light green and black - and wrapped with silver plated wire.